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Tefal Blender | Freshboost



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Blend fresher and tastier smoothies, full of nutrients

Whizzed up in seconds, homemade smoothies are a quick and easy way to get a nutrient boost. But when they’re exposed to oxygen in the air, they start to lose their nutritional value, and can separate and turn brown.

To keep the good stuff inside, you need to keep the air outside. The Tefal Freshboost personal vacuum blender does just that. Its exclusive NutriKeep™ Technology sucks all the air out of the jug before blending to prevent oxidation for nutrient-packed smoothies that stay fresh and tasty for longer. In fact, it preserves up to three times the number of antioxidants* – vital for warding off cell damage, illness and ageing. You’ll see and taste the difference right away: smoother results with less foam and separation, more flavour** and even brighter colours.

Like to blend and go? You’ll love the fact that this blender’s 600ml jugs double as bottles – just swap the blades for drinking lids. Better still, because you get two***, you can make more than one drink without washing up in between. Four clear functions make it really easy to use.

To vacuum blend, simply add your ingredients, pop the vacuum dome over the jug, slide the lock to ‘air out’ and press to start. Freshboost sucks out the air, blends and then stops, all by itself. You can also vacuum only to prep ingredients ahead of time, blend only to cut out an extra step, or use the pulse/ice crush function to get the texture just so.

This compact blender won’t take up valuable space, but still has plenty of power for super-smooth results in seconds. Plus, it’s a breeze to clean as so many parts are detachable, and the jugs and blades are dishwasher safe.