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Choose your Kettle from our extensive Tefal range. Your morning tea or coffee will be ready in minutes!

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If you want to own a kettle which is designed to last, choose Tefal. This brand is renowned for its electrical appliances and Tefal’s kettles are no exception. With a quirky design which is probably unlike anything you’ve owned before, Tefal’s kettles can handle boiling at full capacity in quick succession. More than a litre of water can be boiled at once.

Tefal’s kettles normally have a removable scale filter. Consequently, when they are used in a hard water area, the harmful effects of limescale won’t cause any problems. Courtesy of a limescale filter, the water which is boiled will be very clean. In hard water areas, this can affect the quality of a cup of Earl Grey or full roast coffee. Thanks to a Tefal kettle, a hot beverage will have a very pure taste.

Tefal designs its kettles in such a way which result in them having a timeless quality and a stainless steel finish. If a kitchen has recently been decorated, the appliances which are placed in there should match its new design and a Tefal kettle won’t stick out like a sore thumb. In fact, it will blend in with its surroundings.

Home & Cook has a considerable number of Tefal product’s in its catalogue. Why not take a look and find one that could be the centrepiece for your kitchen?