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Tefal Tefal

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OptiGrill - Witness the Thickness

The automatic sensor adapts to the thickness of the meat, salmon or veg, adjust the grill time.

Don't Just Grill It - OptiGrill It

An LED cooking indicator guides you through your grilling, so big tasting results are a pretty much done deal.

What our customers say

Don't just take our word for it...


  • Do I need to turn off the grill and let it cool to start a second batch of cooking?
  • No. Once the first batch has finished open the grill fully and remove the food. Close the grill and press OK. You do not have to switch off the grill first. When the lights flash again, choose the mode that you want. The preheating phase should be a lot quicker than the first time as the plates will already be hot. When the Optigrill beeps to say it is ready, open the grill again and put the second batch of food on to the plates and continue as normal.
  • The appliance has started cooking in Manual Mode without me pressing the Manual button - why?
  • The grill plates are not correctly placed on the plate hooks and the sensors cannot detect the food correctly.
    To correct this, stop the appliance and allow it cool down and then position the cooking plate properly. Then start the full cooking cycle starting by pressing one of the programmed buttons and then OK.
  • The colour indicator flashes white - what does this mean?
  • The appliance has detected an issue and may need to be repaired.
  • The cooking cycle has stopped whilst cooking - why?
  • If you leave the appliance open between 2 cooking cycles it will turn to safety mode and will have to be reset.
    To ensure the best cooking results, you should not open the appliance for more than 1 minute during cooking cycles. RESET by unplugging it for 2-3 minutes and restart full cooking cycle.
  • The OK indicator is still flashing even though I have put food on the plates and closed the grill - why?
  • If your food is under 4 mm thick, it is too thin (like bacon slices), it may not be detected.
    This is not a problem simply press the OK key for confirmation for cooking to start.
  • What is the cooking temperature of the grill plates in Manual Mode?
  • The temperature remains approximatly at 250°C.
  • Can I use the frozen food setting when cooking in the Manual mode?
  • No as the cooking sensors are not active in Manual Mode.
  • How do I clean my grill?
  • Before cleaning your grill, wait around 45 minutes while the device cools. To remove heavy food residue on the grill plates or on the side, we recommend you use a wooden or plastic spatula. To clean the grill and grill components, use a cloth soaked in hot water. Do not immerse the grill in water. Do not use abbrasive cleaning products or products containing alcohol or fuel since these may damage the device.

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