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Set builder

Make your own Cookware Set

At Home & Cook we want to help you choose your perfect cookware set and to make that possible we have introduced our unique Cookware Set Builder.

It is easy to use. Simply choose pans from the entire Tefal range (including the Jamie Oliver range), and with each item added you will benefit from an additional 7% discount for that product, saving up to a generous 35% on your 6th item! See the table on the right.

Mix and match any combination of products.

Increase savings each time a product is added. The most expensive item in your set will automatically receive the largest discount.

Save up to 35% on each product at 6 or more items.

Massive savings

2nd gets 7% off
3rd gets 14% off
4th gets 21% off
5th gets 28% off
6th+ gets 35% off

1. Choose the Range or Material